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Since I began these workshops three years ago hundreds of artists from all over the world have expressed interest. The problem has been arranging group workshops that suit the available dates of potential participants. This has now been solved by offering tuition on a one to one basis. Participants choose their own dates, arrange their own accommodation and let me know when they would like to attend one or more sessions on a day by day basis.

Introductory studio visits are charged at a nominal US$20.00 per person.

Life classes last for up to three hours. A fee of US$125.00 for individual sessions includes sketching materials if required. Fees for two or more participants and multiple sessions quoted on request.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Materials & Models

In terms of drawing materials, keep it simple. Toulouse-Lautrec and Auguste Rodin at times resorted to drawing on brown wrapping paper and painting on sheets of cardboard.  I made the sketch below with the only materials at hand: a ballpoint pen and a sheet of photocopy paper. For painting I work exclusively in watercolour.

Gretel Sleeping

Newsprint and charcoal are two of my favourite materials for life classes. The paper has an off-white tint that mellows with age.

The following paintings and sculptures serve as an introduction to my inspirational models.













Working from the nude demands passion tempered with integrity and daring tempered with restraint.  Before beginning a life class I quote the biblical words of advice given by a past master of the nude figure.

Take the shoes from off thy feet, for the ground you are about to step upon is Holy Ground.


This has been an amazing experience, much more than we anticipated.
You have opened my eyes and mind to true beauty.
An opportunity to learn from an exceptional painter and sculptor at the peak of his creativity.
Stimulating sessions of the highest standard.
The artist's enthusiasm is infectious.
It is in capturing the female form in all its moods and changes that the artist excels.
What a rare find...The naked soul of the artist and model revealed.

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